Ethemba Capital completes acquisition of controlling share in Avgol

TEL AVIV, Israel, December 12, 2012-

Translation from Hebrew

Further to the Company's Immediate Reports dated October 2, 2012 (reference no.: 2012-01-246903) and November 5, 2012 (reference no.: 2012-01-271467) regarding the sale of the holdings of the controlling shareholders of the Company (hereinafter: "Transaction for Transfer of the Control over the Company"), and further to the Company's Immediate Report dated November 29, 2012 (reference no.: 2012-01-294429) regarding additional points of agreement reached between the parties to the Transaction for Transfer of the Control over the Company, the Company hereby announces that, on December 6, 2012, the agreements specified in the said reports have been finalized and the transactions included therein have been closed. Accordingly:

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