BabyGearLab study finds ‘green’ diaper performance superior to traditional brand disposable diapers

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, January 2, 2013-

BabyGearLab, founded by pediatrician Dr. Juliet Spurrier with the mission of becoming the world's most credible and detailed source of side-by-side baby product comparison reviews, today announced the availability of its analysis, "Green vs. Traditional Diapers: What's the Best Choice?" The comparison study was based on detailed testing and published to assist new parents in making the critical decision of using traditional or green disposable diapers by evaluating each group for their performance in the categories of absorbency, comfort, and leakage/fit, while also considering their costs. "Making the choice between using a traditional or green diaper has not been easy," Dr. Spurrier said. "Until now, there has been very little objective information available comparing the two groups in depth. Many people have assumptions about green diaper performance which we found to be false."

"While it is true that green diapers are on average more expensive than traditional diapers, we found their performance on key metrics such as absorption, comfort and fit to be superior," said Dr. Spurrier.

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