New fluffless diaper’s key vote of confidence: Carlos Richer says it performs well in tests


When Drylock Technologies told world diaper markets in September 2012 it had begun producing the first successful diapers made without fluff pulp, industry experts were skeptical to say the least. Prominent consultant Carlos Richer expressed that skepticism articulately in a presentation at EDANA's Outlook conference that month.

But then samples began to get out into the market. Richer, a widely respected industry expert, secured some and subjected them to various lab tests along with seven other prominent branded and private label diapers. The result, described in a "Baby Diaper Performance Benchmark Report", was Richer's conclusion that "in terms of overall performance, Drylock is superior to all US made diapers." Putting aside his initial reservations, Richer went on to summarize: "an excellent product but based on Reverse Engineering, at a higher raw material cost."

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