P&G patent: mechanically modified PET trilobal spunbond used for diaper acquisition layers

HOUSTON, TEXAS, November 15, 2012-

Leading market disposable diapers are engineered for good absorbency in very thin designs. Underlying the thin diaper technology are superabsorbents with specific properties which allow much higher superabsorbent particle loading and removal of wood pulp in the absorbent core layer. The layer above the core, referred to as the acquisition layer, is designed to work synergistically with the core and facilitates fluid intake, distribution and has a level of temporary fluid capacity or void volume. As diaper producers strive for less thickness, there is a need for functional acquisition layers which are thinner while also contributing to wearer comfort. It is difficult, however, to achieve the needed balance of fluid management properties and comfort due to required permeability and considering the tendency of the layer to compress during material handling, packaging and normal use. Additionally technology constraints are imposed by consumer interest in cost effective products which are at least somewhat environmentally friendly.

Disclosed in the patent application by Procter & Gamble is a high permeability and compressive resistant trilobal polyester spunbond nonwoven suitable for use as diaper acquisition layers and other applications. The nonwoven can be produced from polymers at least partially derived from renewable resources. Problems of polyester shrinkage, thermal bonding, acquisition layer compression and retained fluid management performance are resolved through specific polymer selection, web structure engineering and post-production web mechanical modification.

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