Monadnock Non-Wovens offers line of high-performance acoustic media for automotive applications

MOUNT POCONO, PA, May 18, 2017-

Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC (“MNW”), a world leader in the manufacture of melt-blown polypropylene (MBPP) roll goods is now offering the next generation of sound attenuation media. Leveraging its manufacturing experience and long history of partnership with the automotive industry, MNW has designed and developed a product that significantly improves sound absorption at lower frequencies through an improved fiber matrix and a tunable scrim on both sides.

With this tunable scrim, Monadnock HPAM™ (High Performance Acoustic Media) provides excellent sound absorption at low weight allowing vehicles to meet acoustical targets while addressing challenges of light-weight aluminum bodies and improved acoustics. This new product is compressible allowing for use in cavities with varying thickness. HPAM may be die cut with existing equipment - no tooling or equipment modifications are necessary. Factory die cut parts have a perimeter seal to encapsulate loose fibers. MNW has also developed special packaging to maintain the integrity of the product in transit.

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