All RISI publications and websites, including are copyrighted. As such, copying or other redistribution of content from these sources — in whole or in part — violates the law in virtually every country around the world. Such violations may subject you to fines for each violation, and these fines can quickly reach levels of US$100,000 or more.*

Illegal copying includes sharing of online access or regular printing of multiple copies, photocopying, faxing or other redistribution.

All copyrighted publications are governed by the doctrine of "fair use" that allows copying in limited circumstances. That means...

You may:

  • Copy or email — on an occasional basis — a single story or article and send it to a colleague
  • Route a single copy of a printed newsletter to colleagues
  • Print out a single copy of your online newsletter and route it to colleagues

You may not:

  • Share your username and password with a colleague
  • Put a newsletter or online content on your network, unless licensed to do so
  • Republish or repackage content from newsletters, reports or web sites
  • Copy or email an entire issue of a newsletter or report
  • Routinely copy and distribute portions of a newsletter, report or online content, specifically including price information

Please note that to ensure protection of its copyrighted content, RISI reserves the right to require minimum levels of subscription from a given company based on its size and sector. Email us for details.

In addition, information from RISI may not be used to inform, enhance or provide background information for the production of products that compete with products from RISI.

For clarification on what is or is not acceptable use of RISI content, please contact your sales representative or email us.

* The Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions provide copyright protection — and sanctions for violations — around the world. Relevant U.S. law is the Federal Copyright Act (section 17 USC 504 et seq.).


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