BAHP calls WVE fem hy products report ‘unsubstantiated, based on misinformation’

ARLINGTON, VA, June 7, 2018-

The Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products (BAHP) Executive Director Jane Wishneff released the following statement on behalf of the industry in response to the Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) report regarding the safety of feminine hygiene products:

“BAHP is disappointed that the Women’s Voices for the Earth has released a report that is unsubstantiated and based on misinformation regarding the safety of feminine hygiene products. The report, which needlessly frightens women, ignores the extensive information that is readily available supporting the safety of these products. Feminine hygiene products are classified as medical devices under federal law and are subject to specific regulatory requirements, including device listing, appropriate labeling, adverse event reporting and good manufacturing practices. These requirements are applicable to all feminine hygiene products before they are available for purchase and while they are in market. In addition, the Agency has rigorous inspection processes in place for all facilities that manufacture them.

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