BST eltromat cites importance of its QA systems for sustainability


BST eltromat’s quality assurance systems support the efforts of web-processing industries to promote sustainability in a number of ways. In the film and packaging sector in particular, the circular economy has been an increasingly important topic for several years now. This sector is experiencing a radical change that presents new challenges, also for quality assurance systems. As a globally leading manufacturer of these systems, BST eltromat is also at the forefront of helping to shape the transformation process toward a circular economy.

Web guiding, register control, web monitoring, 100% inspection and color measurement – quality assurance systems are minimizing material and energy consumption as well as waste, particularly in the manufacture of flexible packaging. The systems are simple and safe to operate and they shorten the setup processes and guarantee a constant level of production quality. And, for the purposes of Industry 4.0, they allow for cross-process integration with upstream and downstream production steps. Manufacturers thus enable different areas to share process data between their machines and solutions. This integration opens up additional, previously unknown options for increasing efficiency in web-processing industries – and thus increasing sustainability.

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