Mann+Hummel introduces new brake dust particulate filter

LUDWIGSBURG, Germany, September 12, 2017-

Braking in city traffic creates significantly more dust than exhaust emissions. Every braking action creates brake dust through friction on the brake disc and brake pads. This mainly comprises particulates and due to the small particle size is harmful to health and the environment. The brake dust contributes considerably towards the pollution caused by particulates in road traffic. More than 90% of the brake dust consists of ultra-fine particles which have a negative effect on human health. A study from the World Health Organization came to the conclusion that 92% of humans live in areas where air pollution is above the permissible level. MANN+HUMMEL has therefore designed a brake dust particulate filter which substantially reduces the particulates which are created during braking.

After successful tests on the test bench the brake dust particulate filter is now being tested in the "fine dust eater" fleet by MANN+HUMMEL in tests which are close to real driving conditions. The newly developed brake dust particulate filter from MANN+HUMMEL considerably reduces the emission of particulates and as a result less brake dust particulates are able to penetrate the ambient air in traffic. The filter can be adapted to existing installation space in the area of the brake disc. The brake dust particulate filter is suitable for use with all types of drive ranging from electric vehicles to hybrid vehicles and conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

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