More Patents for March

CLOVERDALE, CA, March 2, 2018-

“Absorbent core”; US 9,889,048 (Feb. 13, 2018); filed: May 15, 2014. Assignee: SCA Hygiene Products AB (Goteborg, Sweden) Hygiene Products AB (Göteborg, Sweden), Inventor(s): Magdalena Horle, Angelica Burvall.

An absorbent core, intended for use in an absorbent product such as a panty liner, is disclosed, comprising an absorbent material and a superabsorbent material. The core has a first extension in a longitudinal direction and a second extension in a transverse direction, and a longitudinal central line extending through the core, located between a first longitudinal portion and a second longitudinal portion. The first and second longitudinal portions are symmetric about the longitudinal central line. The core has a head portion, an intermediate portion and a rear portion extending in a longitudinal direction of the core. The head portion includes mirror imaged first circular segment portions and first edge lines to which the circular segment portions transition. The intermediate portion includes mirror imaged first convex edge portions. The rear portion includes second edge lines tapering towards a rear end and the central line of the core in an angle. The core design improves comport, fit and flexibility to wear with different types of underwear while maintaining performance.

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