RadiciGroup to describe its new industrial fibers at Dornbirn Congress

GANDINO, ITALY, September 13, 2017-

Thursday, 14 September (11:50 am), is the date for the RadiciGroup presentation at the 56th Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress, in Dornbirn, Austria. At the event, the Group is illustrating the technical characteristics of its new industrial fibres that have been developed thanks to special investments in new resources and technologies and close synergy with its Specialty Chemicals Business Area. RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals has the capability and resources to engineer specialty polymers for industrial use, as well as for other applications, and provide support during the realization process – design, development, fine-tuning and industrialization – of increasingly more customized products.

One of RadiciGroup’s strengths is, in fact, its vertically integrated production. This feature makes the Group the only organization in Europe with full control over its entire production process: from polymer chemicals to the manufacture of synthetic fibres and engineering plastics, down to end-of-life recycling.

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