South Korean government to require ingredient labels on packaging for sanitary pads [From the web]

SEOUL, December 27, 2017-

New product safety regulations set to go into effect next year will require manufacturers of women’s sanitary products to label their ingredients, processed meat producers to follow stricter government standards and markets to use bigger fonts on their food packaging.

“The new policies to be implemented in 2018 will enforce safety control on food, medical and sanitary products,” the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said in a statement Wednesday, “as well as improving regulatory procedures not only directed related to safety.”

Cotton-based sanitary aids including menstrual pads will have to include all state-approved substances written on the package. Manufacturers of 19 disposable products including diapers, cotton swabs and wet wipes will have to submit reports to the government on the products’ manufacturing, importing and packaging conditions.

Gov’t tightens rules on sanitary pads, processed meat and packaging

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