TreeToTextile invests Euro 35 million to construct demonstration plant for upscaling process technology at Stora Enso mill in Sweden

HELSINKI, February 24, 2021-

TreeToTextile, owned by H&M Group, Inter IKEA Group, Stora Enso, and LSCS Invest, invests EUR 35 million in a demonstration plant in Sweden. It is a critical step towards commercialising a new sustainable textile fiber with scalable technology and a low manufacturing cost. The aim is to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the textile industry and to make sustainable textile fibers available to all.

All over the world, the demand for sustainable textile fibers is growing. TreeToTextile is committed to enabling access to sustainable textile fibers for brands and companies with a progressive agenda. TreeToTextile offers a new technology to produce bio-based textile fibers with a low environmental footprint at an attractive cost level. The new fiber is a regenerated cellulosic fiber, produced from renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials from the forest.

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