Unicharm announces its Indonesian subsidiary to be listed on December 20, 2019

TOKYO, Japan, November 28, 2019-

As described in “Notification of Preparations to List Shares of Unicharm’s Foreign Subsidiary” dated November 5, 2018, Unicharm Corporation (“Unicharm”) has been preparing to list the shares of PT Uni-Charm Indonesia (“UCI”), our Indonesian subsidiary, on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Unicharm hereby announces that UCI published a summary of the offering of its shares in Indonesia, where the expected listing date is December 20, 2019.

Unicharm developed our 10th Medium-Term Management Plan in 2016 with the aim to accelerate the globalization and drastic growth of our business. As Unicharm works towards these goals, Unicharm has proactively expanded our business, especially in high-growth markets in Asia, as an important part of our strategy to concentrate on major countries and regions. In particular, Unicharm considers that Indonesia is an important strategic region for our group and that it is necessary to strengthen our business base there for our further growth.

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