Z-Wire: Outstanding carding and web forming at high speeds - Trützschler

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany, November 29, 2023-

Speed is exciting – but it can be challenging too. In nonwovens production, for example, hydroentangling lines can hit production speeds of up to 300 m/min at the winder. That creates difficulties for carding and web forming. Now, innovators at Trützschler Card Clothing have created the solution to this high-speed problem. It’s called Z-Wire…

Every company in every industry is constantly pushing for more efficiency and productivity. For nonwoven textile producers, that means high-speed production lines that achieve excellent quality within a faster timeframe. Trützschler’ s Z-Wire clothing for worker, stripper and doffer rollers empowers our customers to move forward with their ambitions for speed, efficiency and quality. It has serrated contours to make sure fibers are continuously held in position, even at high production speeds. The fibers are then released at exactly the right moment to be transferred and orientated. This controlled transfer from roll to roll enables uniform web formation, while fiber fly is minimized, the risk of fiber migration is reduced and the operational reliability of the line increases.

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